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"Virtute et sapientia" which means "By virtue and wisdom"

The History of the Brownridge name that appears on this site was obtained from a company that sells family name histories.
They claim that the first Brownridges landed in Virginia USA in 1637 and moved north from there.
Our family starts at the family homestead in Hornby Ontario in 1819 and comes from Yorkshire England.
Your comments and input as to the validity and/or discrepancies are welcome.
Please send to the email address below.

2007 Thomas Brownridge Family Reunion

100th Anniversary of the 1st Reunion

Ancient History of the Brownridge Name

First Generation Born in North America

The Descendents of Thomas Brownridge

Homestead 2001

Homestead 2006

First Family Reunion 1907

Seventh Family Reunion 1938

Ninth & Tenth Family Reunions

100th Anniversary Family Reunion 2007

Family Tree

Our English Connection

Brownridge Public School

Brownridges in the News

Brownridges in Business

Genealogical Listing of Brownridges from 1575

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